Some failures deserve more attention


Our failures tell a lot more about us than our successes do. More and more people are starting to include failures on their CV and they are getting a lot more attention. 

Princeton Professor’s CV of Failures, or the Relevant Résumé movement are already changing the way people sees their professional achievements.

Fuckup Nights Co-founder and Director Leti Gasca and Global Coordinator Yannick Kwik are already including their failures on their LinkedIn Profiles. We’d love you to come along with us.

We dream of a world where millions of people share their mistakes an an open way, understating failure is a key component of our business career. A good start might be adding your fuckups to your CV or writing a  Ridiculum Vitae.

If you also decide to include your Fuckup CV on LinkedIn or write a Resume of failures please let us know and tweet us at @FuckupNight or mention us on Facebook using the hashtag #FuckupCV. We can’t wait to read how you screwed up.


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