What are FuckUp Nights?

FuckUp Nights is a global movement where stories of failed businesses and projects are shared, questioned and celebrated. The first FuckUp Night happened in Mexico City in September 2012. Since then it has been replicated in 200 + cities in 40 + countries, converting us into the Wold’s largest and most active innovators and entrepreneurial movement.


How is it done?

3-4 speakers (from a variety of industries) share their failure story in 7 minutes using a maximum of 10 slides. Then it’s over to you! Ask anything you’re curious about. Don’t hold back! You also get a chance to scream and shout and show your appreciation for your favourite fuck up story; all accompanied by a tonne of networking and beer!

You bring yourself. We bring the cool vibes, drinks, music and kickass speakers.

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The FuckUp Night is an open and direct talk about the challenges of entrepreneurship. Until now there was no place to share stories and learn from failures. I love the initiative, I find extremely useful and relevant.

Natalia Wills

Deputy Director of Operations, Fundemex

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