FuckUp Nights is the fastest growing, global movement of entrepreneurial people who come together to tell, discuss and learn from stories of businesses and personal failure.


We are featuring stories of failure in +100 cities from +35 countries. 7 minutes, 10 images, 1 failure + Q&A


 We set out to destigmatise failure!


Tired of events that always talk about success stories, fluffy tales, and unicorns? Bored of meetups that are just a feel-good, sunshine and rainbows ego-fest? Think you can learn more from real, dirty and gritty failure stories (codename: fuckups) instead? If your response is anywhere near “THAT’S SO FUCKING AWESOME!”, get your ticket and be among the lucky peeps to receive the event invite to our first of FuckUp Nights in Adelaide


Failure is an intrinsic part of the startup and innovation world, 95% fail – 2 out of 3 that don’t fail changed their course significantly – 3 out of 4 venture backed firms don’t pay back their investors – a small amount of new products succeed.. more

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