Fuckup Nights Prishtina

FuckUp Nights is a global movement born in Mexico in 2012, where stories of failed projects are told,
questioned and celebrated. Because people feel the need to break free from the stigmas surrounding “failure”.

Prishtina Fuckupers

Uranik Begu

Executive Director at Innovation Center Kosovo (ICK).

Drinor Selmanaj

He loves Network and Computer Security Hello World L.L.C.

Shpend Lila

Training & Events manager, at Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK).

Albert Lekaj

A computer programmer and a movie  maniac, Hello World L.L.C.

Oltion Beshiri

Eat, Sleep, Handball! FC Inter fan & Handball player.


The Google guy at the FuckUp Nights Prishtina

Who is Marcin Malinowski? Managing Google's relationships with large, strategic Partners. Developing partnerships with the largest digital publishers across CEE. Helping in setting and executing digital strategies, extracting best value from available tools and...

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Our 10th Special Chapter. And, new venue!

FuckUp Nights is a monthly event series that happens world-wide, where people talk about their biggest professional or business failure in an irrelevant and candid way. At FuckUp Nights stories of failed businesses and projects are told, questioned and celebrated. The...

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Marcin Malinowski


Tugce Ergul

Angel Labs

Amy Cosper

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