How to know if it’s time to quit your job

How To Know If It's Time To Quit Your Job If you opened this article it’s time to quit your job. Think about it. Now, here are some resources that might help you: ReWork. Find meaningful work. HirePurpose. Find a career you will love. Bwork. The world's largest impact...

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Fuckup Book

Fuckup Book The Fuckup Book is inspired by the Fuckup Manifesto we created to help people break free from 24 key stigmas surrounding failure. For each we wrote a short reflective piece, commissioned a funky illustration and crafted a guided activity to break free from...

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The history of the word “fuckup”

[Content from Nancy of Strong Language: Original post]   The history of the word “fuckup” When it comes to describing failure, bungling, or omnishambles attributable to human incompetence or idiocy, nothing’s as succinct or as damning as fuckup. Or, surprisingly,...

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Startup Failure: Top 20 Reasons

<div class="piktowrapper-embed" pikto-uid="14528436-startup-failure-top-20-reasons" style="height: 300px; position: relative;"><div class="embed-loading-overlay" style="width: 100%; height: 100%; position: absolute; text-align: center;"><img...

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Fuckup CV

Fuckup Nights Co-founder and Director Leti Gasca and Global Coordinator Yannick Kwik are already including their failures on their LinkedIn Profiles. We’d love you to come along with us.

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