Author: Jutta Jerlich

1st Anniversary

Birthdays are always a day to remember, reflect and be thankful.

Our first FUN.Basel took place on 13. May 2016. Now we reached Volume 7 and are so happy to have made it.

We want to say:   Thank you! Danke! Merci! to all our 18 speakers this last year.
You created precious moments for all of us.

Speakers FUN.Basel Year 1

Miao Gerhard –
Martin Altherr –
Michael Scherz –
Marne Platt –
Alexander Ramseier –
Martin Daubney –
Asitta Tabatabai –
Kurt Schmid –
Daniel Jordi –
Mahima Klinge –
Stefan Logar – Stefan Logar on Linkedin
Karen Cheng – Karen Cheng on Linkedin
Jutta Jerlich – @jjerlich
Holger Schimanke –
Isabelle Valibus –
Raluca Popescu – Rraluca Ioana Popescu on Linkedin
Ralf Dümpelmann –
Sandra van de Cauter –

[Yes, Isabelle and I are among the speakers – of course. This is because we firmly believe in “walk the talk”. A very good experience to share our stories and motivation to organize FUN.Basel that we do not want to miss]

When we started we envisioned that the investment Isabelle and I decided to make will start to bloom, grow seeds and ultimately roots in the foundations of the Basel region. The steady community we welcome at our events BaselArea and show us that we were right.
Thank you!

FUN.Basel Speakers at Vol VII

From left to right: Andreas, Jutta, Steve, Isabelle, Marne, Sandra, Raluca, Sabine and Martin

We want to continue to grow together. Please connect us to people, businesses and organizations who share our vision for the Basel Area and are open for a conversation on how to do this together.

You are warm heartedly interested to join our community!
Thank you very much for your support in building this community in Basel.

The Organisers

Jutta Jerlich & Isabelle Valibus



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