10 Early Morning Life Hacks

For some people, a fucked up day starts quite early in the day. The “Night Owls” have a totally different definition of what the “early morning hours” are.

And everything starts the night before.


1. Go to bed early.

And check your social media feed until it’s almost time to wake up.“I’m going to bed early today. I promise.”


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2. Shower before sleep to have extra minutes the next morning.

Then wake up and look like a zombie for the rest of the day.


3. Set at least four alarms and snooze them all until you hate life.

“You don’t believe in the first alarm”

4. Challenge the speed of sound.

“Tomorrow morning I will get dressed and be ready in 5 minutes”


5. You’ll develop new skills

“It may be dangerous”

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6. Have breakfast? What for?


7. Drink coffee as a champion…

“The only way to drink coffee”

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8. ‘Late’

Your perpetual state of being.

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9. In the office, you feel like you have never got out of bed


11. Congratulate yourself for a very productive week.

Then realize it is only Wednesday.


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