4 ways you can gather data from your city for the Global Failure Index

By: Melanie Vazquez, researcher in da house, Failure Institute

We are in the age of data. Everything revolves around numbers, statistics and the endless flow of information – which has the potential to transform our world and our understanding of it. It is ironic, however; that even with this cascade of information, there is one subject that does not seem to flow with the current – business failure statistics.

Where are they? Do they even exist? Does anyone even dare to mention them? You might be surprised to hear that this type of information is not freely available in many countries. In some cases, one must even make a special request to get such numbers – and with dubious chances to obtain trustworthy information.

We believe in the power of information, and in the freedom to access it. In the spirit of that belief, we created The Global Failure Index. This initiative is the first global, crowd-sourced database of business failures that geo-locates business failures using 30+ relevant data points. YOU can help us expand the potential of this initiative,  which will become not only a tool for up and coming businessmen, but also for politicians and decision-makers in the development and betterment of policies aimed at increasing economic standards and quality of life conditions inside their countries.

How can you get involved? Here you can find 4 ways to do so:

1. Promote the survey at local events and Fuckup Nights:

Many cities are eager to sponsor entrepreneurship. As a result, they constantly create events and conferences where future, present and past entrepreneurs attend. If you personally are organizing an event soon, why not add a short explanation on your Eventbrite? Time to set free your inner entrepreneur and share the project with as many people as possible. Surely you’ll find some failed businesses along the way.

2. Share the project with your groups on social networks:

We are all enrolled (whether by will or by force) in various groups on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. Why not give a real purpose to that membership by sharing valuable info and breaking the taboos surrounding failure? Tell them about the project, and invite them to fill the survey!

3. Partnership with a university:

Want to take this to a new high? Speak to your former or current university and let’s work together on a research project. Business failure can be studied through many lenses; and we are open to new and innovative ideas. Write us at [email protected] and we’ll make it happen!

4. The Failure ambassador:

Agree with us that failure sucks, but instructs? Become a Failure ambassador on your social networks, and to relatives and acquaintances. Nothing moves faster than word of mouth. Make sure to invite them to a Fuckup Night and to fill out the survey http://bit.ly/GFI-survey All the fuckuppers around the world will thank you!

These are just some ideas on how to get involved; certainly you can come up with new brilliant ideas. Don’t be afraid to commit some fuckups along the way. Make sure to let us know your experience on our social networks with the hashtag #sharethefailure

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