A Note on What We’re Not

With Fuckup Nights happening in over 250 cities around the world, the event can mean a lot of different things to different people. Everyone has a reason for attending, or speaking at an event, and so Fuckup Nights can potentially represent something completely unique to each person.

And while we’ll be the first people to let you know what we’re all about – whether through our beautiful manifesto, or through our newsletter (which you should totally subscribe to if you haven’t already!) But we’ve never really talked about what we’re not.

We’ve always strived to be transparent in what we do, and we’d like that to continue into who we are. So, to clear the air, we decided that we want to talk about a few of the things that we’re not about.


We don’t only tell stories about startups

People tend to think we only focus on startups and entrepreneurs, but that’s not the case. At Fuckup Nights, any kind of business or professional failure is welcome – from architects to football players, to bankers and restaurant owners. We’ve had amazing speakers from across various industries and backgrounds speak – and that’s what makes Fuckup Nights great.


We’re not the experts.

We know, we’ve built a really cool movement, we’ve gotten a lot of great press, but we’re not the experts on failure, nor can we give you any sort of professional or personal advice.

Failure (and the circumstances around it) can be an incredibly personal and a niche thing. There isn’t one blanket solution – silver bullets for these kinds of situations just don’t exist.

We’re just a group of people who want to talk about it, and share stories that don’t get told at your usual conference.


We don’t believe that failure is the only path to success.

You don’t need to fail to be successful. So we’re not telling you to fail or you’ll never be successful. Some people will reach success without fucking up at all.

Like we said before, there are so many variables to a person’s life and personality, that there is no one path. Jason, who works in Organizer Success at Fuckup Nights HQ likes to say “Anyone can do anything, it just takes some people more work than others.”

We don’t think you’ll always learn something from failure.

Sometimes a failure is just a failure, and there isn’t much you can learn about it. To quote Queen Bey “you can work super hard and give everything you have…. And still lose”

Sometimes it just happens and it happens for no reason at all, and without anything you could have done differently.


We don’t celebrate the failure, we celebrate the resilience.


This is probably the most important one. Sometimes what we do gets misconstrued, and people think that we’re celebrating the failure itself, or even worse, we worship it. If you’re in this camp, then we’re about to blow your minds.

We don’t worship failure, and we don’t want you to fail.

Le gasp! Cue the dramatic music. What we’re doing when we do Fuckup Nights is trying to understand the failure, to see what we can learn from it, and ultimately,  celebrate the resiliency of the people who have failed and lived to tell the tale.


Phew, that’s a huge weight off our chests. Thanks so much for continuing on this wild, crazy ride, and hopefully we’ll see you at an event in your city soon!

Fuckup Nights HQ