Author: Jutta Jerlich

Our first event in 2019 was on 19. Feb. It was an evening that could have not been better. To be very specific, in every aspect you can think: I felt like I reached the far away goal I started Fuckup Nights Basel with in May 2016.

Thank you very much for all the hands that helped to get ready for the evening: Sylvia Lohse, Olga Quesada, Cindy Piccolo and our young photographer talent Felix Leypoldt.

Every evening is unique shaped by our speakers – if you have not been on one of our events yet, believe me, do come in person and experience it in real life:

Giovanni NisatoGiovanni Nisato

You could hear a pin drop when Giovanni spoke about self-care. The story he shared had nothing and all to do with his background and life. He lived in five different countries and cultures, worked as a scientist, technologist, project manager and business developer for the last 20 years.

Treat yourself as you would treat your best friend

The experience he shared with us helped him to have a completely different view on risk. As a person driven to improve the way we live, working in human-centered innovation, sustainable development and health-care, he has been dealing with risk in different shapes and forms every day.

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Marla Eva MoserMarla Eva Moser

Marla made us all revisit our own decisions when we were 19. Reminded of our own lives at that age allowed our listeners to recall tacit knowledge we all carry with us and apply that to the current situation we are in. A powerful reminder!.

Choose the one path where you can build on your talents

She enthusiastically follows trends and innovations in the field of technology and works as a Communication Consultant at Aileen Zumstein Communication. She is also a founding member of the organizational committee of DINAcon, the conference for digital sustainability

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Andres AlmirayAndres Almiray

I got to know Andres as a person who does not talk much. What he says has weight. The story he shared was about a huge project he did for the largest cinema chain in Mexico. It was all about what can go wrong and what will go wrong.

I don´t always test my code, but when I do, I do it in production

We could finally conclude with Andres that every IT project needs a thorough testing phase – which is still not taught in schools – to find the glitches and blind spots covered up.

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Thanks to the very vivid Q&A session … it is great to be able to ask what is on your mind and learn even more – for the speaker and the audience alike!

The Organiser

Jutta Jerlich



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