Back To School. We Present… The Academic Membership!

This month we’re turning 7 years old!
And if Fuckup Nights were a person, it would be attending elementary school (and probably spending a lot of time in the Principal’s office).

Since the beginning, in 2012, the movement has changed, and our purpose and vision of the future has too. Everyday, we’re more convinced that “having the difficult conversations” can be taken further, spread to more people, and be present at key moments of life, growth, and education. So that makes us think: how different would things be if we shared the failure at school?

There are two types of people in the world: those who enjoy their time at school and those who don’t. And all of them feel like a fuckup.

Sure, the ones who enjoy school are getting good grades, but they’re often in for a rude awakening when they enter the “real world.”

Time and time again, we hear from teachers who share that when their “good” students graduate, they are shocked to realize that they don’t actually know how the world works and feel like total failures.

Those of us who don’t enjoy school feel stupid and wrong because we have different interests or ways of learning and doing things. We feel like outsiders in a system that asks us to conform or fail.

So to celebrate our seventh birthday, we’re launching the Academic Membership to encourage students around the world to be themselves and to challenge the paradigms that limit their lives.

We need to stop focusing on accumulation, power over others, consumption, and self-centeredness in order to build communities that value resilience, vulnerability, compassion, and authenticity.

Let’s build spaces where it’s safe to be ourselves and come together.

Let’s share the failure.