FuckUp Nights New Years Resolution 

  Ahh January, the time of New Year’s resolutions that we all drop two weeks into the year. We’re looking at you, annual gym membership. But this year, as an organization, we’d like to take back the New Years resolution. We’re going to make 2018 the year of meaningful resolutions that we see through – so we thought we’d share all the things that we’re hopeful for this year (and beyond!).   1 – Keep increasing the collaborations we’re creating with global companies to help change the mindset of the corporate world.

    2 – Grow the Fuckup Nights movement in a sustainable way, while increasing the quality and frequency of local chapters.

    3 – Make it easier than ever to host Fuckup Nights, and help our organizers get more and more value out of running the event.

    4 – Turn the Global Failure Index (GFI) into the largest business failure database to help people, as well as companies and governments, make better-informed decisions.

    5 – Create two new research projects in two continents.

  6 – Host the first FUN in Antartica.

  Here’s to 2018, and thanks so much for being along for the wild, crazy ride.  

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