FuckUp Nights Basel

Author: Ville Pellinen

A special event evening. Several reasons:

  1. FIFA Worldcup Russia going on that evening
  2. Switzerland playing
  3. It was time to have a more inclusive format and engage with the entire audience.

You want to know more? Here are some voices:

"If I FuckUp every day and suffer from it is fine for me. But if others suffer
from my FuckUps it's not OK any more."

Thank you, Pete.

"We learn more from failures than successes."
"I think we sometimes have to make the mistake to grow. Should we try to prevent others from
failures we have faced ourselves? I can't really say."


"The failure culture in companies is often a blaming culture."

FuckUp Nights Basel’s Co-founder Jutta Jerlich said:

“ ... which leads us to the understanding: we are part of the culture as it is and part of the
change that needs to happen“.

I love it.

The Basel FuckUppers left behind the tabu in failing and were open to shine light in diverse facets of failure and success. Many of the fuckup stories reveal learning and growing thanks to failures. Sometimes even gratitude.

Can it be, that our beliefs about failure don’t serve us anymore? What are your beliefs about failure? Do they serve you?

I believe, that learning from failures is a true gem. And that too often we fail in learning and growing because of our beliefs and failure culture. According to research about half of our business decisions fail. Isn’t it good, because failing is learning? No, it is insane.

In Albert Einstein’s words:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

We tend to repeat the same mistakes again and again. Important decisions are not prepared well, alternatives are not considered, personal agendas are pushed and so on.

Now this is a trillion dollar question: How can we discover learning from failed decisions? I have pondered this tons and have some answers, and what are yours?

How can we learn from failures? What holds you back?

Thanks a lot for your review, Ville.

FuckUp Nights Basel  FuckUp Nights Basel FuckUp Nights Basel FuckUp Nights Basel

We are looking forward to see you on 23. August 2018.

The Organiser

Jutta Jerlich



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