Author: Jutta Jerlich

Trying to descrobe the evening of 23. August 2018 with a few lines …

Thank you to our special set up speakers! The entire evening was dedicated to education. I personally think that education is the most undervalued pillar of society

Kai ChristenKai Christen

Kai’s focus is to connect and support people and organizations who want to maximize their positive impact while enjoying life and staying relaxed and clear-headed. That’s why he founded the Inside Out Movement.

I got to know Kai as a great moderator and very good listener. He spoke about how it is for him to constantly listen to himself, self-doubts, not feeling good enough, the fear of failure and what this actually does to our lives. So here is what he says about it:

Do not listen to your internal radio all the time! Be present instead!
Your whole life will change.

He is a trainer and coach, worked with over 70 companies and coached over 1000 people. He is teaching the module Visionary Leadership at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Chantal VroomChantal Vroom

As a lifelong learner, communication trainer and story teller, I have heard Chantal quoting her Dutch down-to-earth-no-bullshit father so many times that I feel I already know him. He has given Chantal advice that saved her from a real bad FuckUp which, due to his advice, never happened.

It is such an important story that I wanted each and everyone from our community hear. This is the bottom line of it:

Brave comes after !

She says she is a notorious small-fuckupper, with ‘Clumsy’ as her middle name. This has helped her to feel like an idiot very regularly with the advantage that for her failing is always part of any learning process.


Tobias FeitkenhauerTobias Feitkenhauer

Tobias fell in love with educating young people during his studies of Arabic and Economics. Recognising the lack of relevant life skills, he started to work in a community school in Heidelberg equipping socio-economically deprived students with the necessary skills and mindset to pass their final exams after his own graduation. He did this as a so-called Teach First Fellow, an organization that promotes education equality in Germany.

He had huges goals and the motivation to change the system. He shared his story of how this motivation and drive got burried in the day-to-day routine. We very much feel with him

How do you avoid drowning in routine?

His insights from these two years fuelled his vision of a world in which every student takes charge to make a positive change in their communities.

The discussion Tobias, a young man of 26 years with high motivation, started with his story continued well into the evening afterwards. Yes, please we need a lot of mind power to work keep on striving for what we aim for, not letting routine derail us.

This time I also want to mention the interesting Q&A session we have after every story. Through the questions we are able to diving deeper into the emotion, the immediate outcome of the story and understand how instrumental the story of failure were for the following successes.

See you again soon …

The Organiser




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