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This was a special evening – yes, I know, I am always writing this but this one was a Special FUN.Basel Edition on the topic of IT PROJECT FAILS in collaboration with BaselHack. What a hack is? A weekend where people from all backgrounds get together and work together on challenges they see to create viable solutions for their local communities. Yes, there are always IT people involved, at least one in a team, but that might be all already. Hard to explain more, this is really something you need to experience. Here is the chance coming up: Join the about a 100 people who will work together on just that on the 24. and 25.11.2018 at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design, 4142 Münchenstein, Switzerland.

BaselHack is more than a Hackathon
– we connect people, take fun seriously and grow open innovation –

It happened on the 11. October 2018 – based on these stories, we could deliver to our promise of inspiring conversations:

Priska BurkardPriska Burkard

Priska can not sit still, already as a small child she wanted to discover the world, searched for adventures and walked away. She discovered the world with her backpack and experienced a lot professionally. She is a trained medical laboratory technician and later worked in the financial industry. Her career led from application development to business analysis to project management and from Zurich to Hong Kong.

What really did not work was having a complete disconnect about the requirements – make sure that you get them right!

She tells her story in a very positive way. At the same time being clear, that it is quite easy to loose a lot of time and money in IT projects. Which all other speakers will confirm. The key lies in communication, communication and communication.

«I don’t believe in failure; everything we do is a success in its own way. »


Ixchel RuizIxchel Ruiz

Ixchel has been developing software application & tools since 2000. Her research interests include Java, dynamic languages, client-side technologies and testing. She is a Java ChampionOracle Developer Champion: As a hackergarten enthusiast, Open Source advocate she is also a public speaker, as today, and a mentor.

The reason why we work together is bigger than us – we should never forget that we need to create value for everyone.

Her story really showed us the feeling programmers experience when things go wrong, resources are wasted and everyone looses. The more she stresses that requirements are the solid basis you have to get right in the first place. No standard solution though!

«Failure is one of the ways the Universe encourages us to quiet down our emotions and thoughts,
inviting a mindful introspection to project ourselves toward change.

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Bram StieltjesBram Stieltjes

Bram is Vice Chair of Research of the department of Radiology and heads the Comprehensive Digital Diagnostic Department group at the University Hospital Basel. He has a PhD in the field of image analysis from the Leiden University. In 2014 he moved to Basel where he works on hospital-wide data integration and extraction in a clinical context for both research and diagnostic purposes.

How can we disrupt old ways of doing things and really create new systems that support all of us?

We had the most inspiring oonversations in the apero, talking about how our health system could be so much different. A topic everyone personally relates to is spinning in our heads.

«Most things we perceive as failure should be labelled experience, we do not need to valuate most things in neg/pos way.
We should promote experience making in another, both privately and for work. »


Sally SolaymantashSally Solaymantash

Persian born, grown up in UK, she lived in nine countries and has three nationalities. Her passion for learning and software technology has been the key driver of her career. Years of experience from many different industries across the globe lead her to the vision to merge software and business knowledge to create ideal solutions. She wants to challenge the status quo in the industry and is gearing up to turn the technology world on its head.

I will bring software out of the shadows and into the limelight with the  “Smarter Approach Methodology (SAM)”.

I met Sally on different occassions and she told me so many stories from her career that it makes me not doubt her plans at all. She overcame incredibly difficult situations and I am very sure that she is a woman who reaches her goals.

«Failure is act of not trying and not learning.»

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Thanks to our Fan crowd. On my way the next morning … sorry for not having been able to continue some of the conversations. To be continued …

See you again soon …

The Organiser

Jutta Jerlich



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