Author: Jutta Jerlich

Our Samiclaus event on 5.12.2018 was a real enlightning experience for me. It was a really cool evening because of several reasons – the blueprint for a great get together.

  • A very light feeling to moderate on stage (because I took the day off before the event to recharge)
  • 3 wonderful speakers with and divers stories
  • Critical and open conversations
  • Precious hands to contribute to make it happen … THANK YOU Michael, Maria and Cindy!
  • Fotos from Felix Leypoldt

Here are a few details about our speakers – the best is, of course, if you are there in person and in real life:

Pavel KrausPavel Kraus

Let me introduce you to Pavel, Knowledge Management Expert and President of Swiss Knowledge Management Forum. He worked for many of the big organizations in Basel and loves to focus all his attention on improving innovation projects in research. The two episodes he shares clearly show what was not clear at the start at all.

Did you consider your assumptions ?

If you want to really build your solutions based on ALL the knowledge in your organization, there is no way around Pavel – you will need to speak to him sooner or later 🙂


Gil RegevGil Regev

Gil is a Senior Researcher at the School of Computer and Communication Sciences of the EPFL in Lausanne and Knowledge Manager at Itecor. He worked for Logitech in Switzerland and California.
As a Vice President of the Swiss Knowledge Management Forum he closely works with Pavel and co-authored the 3 Sphere Model with him.

Your advantage: Be a right mover instead a first mover.

We loved to hear about and be able to touch and see the first digital camera invented by Logitech. It is another fact that the product was nothing like our digital cameras are today. Being too early on the market with a technology that people are not ready for is not considered an advantage. Of course, at that time you can not see this!

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Beate HackmannBeate Hackmann

We are welcoming Beate Hackmann to the FuckUp Nights Family, she just started FUN Offenburg with her business partner Adrian Hoffmann. Believing in having to understand how speakers feel sharing their most precious and painful story of learning in life, she gives us the honor to share her story with us in Basel.

Thank you very much for the courage to share you still very emotional story that stems from the 16 years of experience working in the banking environment.

Even if you are fully invested into what you are doing, please do have a plan B in your pocket!

Beate firmly believes in the pareto principle and uses it to get to the point and ahead with her clients. She is a business consultant, NLP master and coach supporting leaders in organizations in business development and training.


Thanks to our Fan crowd –  this time about 70% of our audience had its first experience on a FUN.Basel and … they liked it!

See you 2019 !

The Organiser

Jutta Jerlich




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