Every month, hundreds of human beings share their professional failure stories on the Fuckup stage. A stage that can be in a bar, a theatre, a church, a co-working space or a park – it doesn’t matter. 

What matters are the stories; whether the Fuckup Nights speaker is a CEO who lost a million investment, an entrepreneur who chose the wrong business partner, a writer who got rejected multiple times, an athlete who got injured on the most important day or a hairdresser who messed up the bowls of colors. 

We’ve had architects, doctors, Former Presidents, Economists, Olympic Medalists, Artists, Journalists, Influencers, and even Pandas sharing their failed projects. One of our latest speakers, Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico, participated at Fuckup Nights in León and shared his story about a failed boots business.

Curious about what a great Fuckup Nights talk looks like? We’ve collected some of the best recorded talks so far – so give them a watch, and get a feel for the funny and enlightening stories that are shared in hundreds of cities each month!

Failure knows no bounds, it can happen to anyone, anywhere. And if it’s happened to you, let your story be heard.

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