Hacking Silicon Valley with Zero Research

Astghik had fucked it up.

She had just started a new social media platform, just for cinema lovers called Movitto.

Putting in blood, sweat and tears to develop and launch it… Without any research to back it up.

And after sharing what the fuck happened on stage at Fuckup Nights Armenia, we asked Astghik more about her “box office flop”. From Astghik:

In my opinion, there are two types of fuckups: the fuckups that are the results of your actions, and fuckups that occur from your inactions. And I think the first is easier to share than the second. We really did a lot of work on Movitto.

We spent numerous sleepless nights coding and brainstorming – and I’ll never feel bad for doing all those things. I think the fact that we didn’t do any research to validate our idea just came from our inexperience –  and I don’t believe that there is any another way to learn all these skills than by the hard way, by fucking stuff up!”

After Movitto was launched, some similar projects had appeared, and some of them were actually acquired by Google, so we asked Astghik about coming up against other companies with the same idea.

In the modern world, an idea is worth nothing. There are 7 Billion people on the planet, all connected through the internet. So I no longer believe in the concept of a unique idea, or an idea born only in one person’s head.

Implementation of the idea, and perseverance of that idea are what matters most these days. We were just not mature or patient enough to keep doing what we were doing, and for that, we got punished and others were rewarded.

What’s for sure though, is that she learned so much from the failed Movitto. We asked her if she thought doing zero research was why Google never picked up the phone.

“Well, not only did we do zero research but we also didn’t understand marketing. As naive we were, we thought that if we could just build this amazing product, everyone will find it and use it. After that, in our vivid imagination, the CEO of Google would have called us directly and beg us to acquire our solution.

What I’ve learned though is that there is no such thing as and overnight success, even if some of them seem to be. In reality, they are the result of hard work, experience, and numerous fuckups.”

“Now, my Husband, and co-founder of Movitto, is doing a different startup called Krisp.

Krisp mutes background noise during calls, and lets you take the call from anywhere. And you better believe this time he made sure to have a growth and research team from day one.”