We are hiring an enterprise manager

We’re hiring an Enterprise Manager. This is the person who will be the service leader of a fast-growing area of Fuckup Inc. that has scaled more than 10x in the last 2 years.

In the process of looking for the right person, I’ve come up with 3 key characteristics, that in my opinion, cannot go missing in a great manager.


Someone who is passionate about our purpose because she wants to be the change we want to see in the world.

A manager shouldn’t just only want to share our values, but to also facilitate the environment for her team to complement and iterate on the culture.



An average manager maintains a team’s operations and reaches department goals.

A good manager creates clarity around the roles of each team member, connecting them to goals, and defining how to achieve the personal growth required to get there.

A great manager builds a plan for scalability with the potential to snowball (long tail, network effects, economies of scale, etc.), based on a deep understanding of her team and clients.



The goal of a structure is to facilitate being disciplined. Sounds extremely boring, but discipline is the only way to improve our habits, or, a we like to say, to develop super powers.

A team without structure and data will just float adrift like a sad blob, focusing on totals instead of ratios. It’s not about reaching X number of clients, but about sustaining a Y% of improvement.

What are some other characteristics that you think make for a great manager?

Let’s learn together. 🙂

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