1. They’re just jealous.

put yourself in their shoes and ponder if they could actually be jealous of you—and then turn your shoes in the other direction and walk away.

2. Being mean is the easy way out.

Being mean is actually laziness. So feel sorry for someone who continually resorts to cruel words, thoughts and actions as a way of life—because in the end these people only end up making their own lives harder.

3. Misery loves company.

When someone treats you inappropriately, question whether or not this person is acting from a place of inner turmoil.

4. You’re better than that.

The single, most important reason to ignore the haters and go on with your business is simple—you deserve better.

5. Live through example.

Lastly, another reason to ignore the world’s haters is that you don’t want to contribute this type of negative energy to the world.


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