Yes Yes, we have been neglecting the website for a little bit living our social little lives in the Facebook bubble. But we are back here to announce that we will start updating the website again and.. we have a new FuckUp Nights coming up!

When: March 1st
Where: Spaces Hofplein
Adres: Hofplein 20, Rotterdam

18:30 Door open for the hungry people that want to grab a burger first
19:00 Door open start walk-in
19:30 Start program
20:10 Short break
20:25 Start part II
21:00 Drinks


  • Pepijn Duijvestein – From Incubation Manager at YesDelft to restoring his own Boat in innovative ways, a passionate entrepreneur follow his hart, but he failed to stick to his number one rule.
  • Onno Poiesz – An artist working with Porcelain a craft that is build on failure shares what could possible go wrong working with such a precious material.
  • Vincent Cardinaal – The city’s storyteller, writer and journalist comes to share his own personal failure.
  • Fourth speaker To Be Announced
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