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It is hard to have an even better evening every time again. But every evening is unique and all the lessons of the evening had something to do with PASSION, a word used quite often these days.

We completed 3 years

Yes, we did not even think about our third birthday. That is me, not being fond of birthdays in general.
The community support was our birthday present. We had 100 – yes, a hundred – registrations! Thank You!

Here is a glimpse into what the speakers shared with us:

Aurelie LitynskiAurelie Litynski

Aurelie was at a very low point in her life: everything collapsed at once. She was not happy at her work. Her relationship with her children and her marriage were far from what she wanted them to be. A crucial conversation with a friend made her realize that she needed to do a huge turn around in her life. She actually did that in a matter of a couple of months only. Her answer to the question what made this possible: “the support of my partner!”

Learning about what makes you happy will get you new perspectives.

Aurelie is from the south of France, married, mother of two and has been in Switzerland for more than 10 years after living and working in various positions in France, UK and Canada. Last year she founded the Meetup group “Happiness @ work – Zurich” where business professionals share ideas and experiences on how to improve their work environments.


Daniel RaczDaniel Racz

Across 10 years’ of corporate work experience, Daniel has worked on and managed many different topics, ranging from data & analytics to process improvement to learning & development. He shares his five lessons about the time when he was the co-founder and CEO of a startup developing mobile applications and web services. All that in parallel to his corporate full-time job.

Are you depending on the income from realizing your idea?

Daniel is enthusiastic about living life to its fullest, constantly pushing out the boundaries of his comfort zone. Born in India, raised in Hungary and the U.S., and now living in Switzerland has for sure contributed to his world view.

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Catherine SchopferCatherine Schopfer

Many of us know someone who had cancer, died from cancer or made our own experience with it. Catherine survived cancer. Even more so, she dared to let the cancer be her teacher!

How will you live?

Before finding her true calling, Catherine trained as a food science engineer and worked in the corporate world for organisations such as Henkel and Luxair Group. Catherine lives with her partner and has two daughters.

Thank you very much for all hands that helped to get ready and during the evening: Roland Förster, Patricia Trenkler and Bea Revesz, Olga Quesada, Cindy Picolo and Robert Leypoldt as well as our young photographer talent Felix Leypoldt.

The Organiser

Jutta Jerlich



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