FuckUp Nights is back again, but with a change of scenery. So vol. VII will take place at our brand new partner location: Spaces Hofplein (wicked!!). Even more: they also arranged the opportunity to grab a quick bite before: you can get your hands on a lovely Spaces burger that you can order with your ticket. Easy does it!

But let’s not forget: FuckUpNights is all about those heroes that dare to take the stage and share failures. And boy, did we find some heroes for you!  How about: Jasper Scholte from the Fast Forward Dance Parade, Gijsbregt Brouwer who will explain what a serial FuckUp looks like (derived from his own experience, of course), Robert Kerssing his previous life before becoming a designer at Philips and last, but certainly not least: the ‘Endboss or Bowser’ of the Municipality of Rotterdam: Philippe Raets!

  • April 20th – 7 PM
  • SPACES – Hofplein 20
  • Special offer: the delicious SPACES burger before the show! 
ps: if you already bought your ticket without the burger option but you do want it, please email  sabine@bluecity.nl and we’ll fix you one right away!.

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