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Hartford Vol. IV

October 17, 2019

TheaterWorks Hartford, Hoffman Studio (3rd Fl.) 233 Pearl Street Hartford

6:00pm (beers start to flow)
7:00pm (fuckups are shared)
FuckUp Nights Hartford is back on Thursday, October 17, at 6pm at TheaterWorks. As always there will be beers, music, insightful speakers to learn from and network with, and lots of energy! 

Join us for lessons, laughs, and libations!

What is Fuckup Nights?

Fuckup Nights are a global movement active in 70+ countries sharing personal stories of business failures. FuckUps like us gather at these events to hear these industry leaders share their failures in 7 minutes and 10 images. After each speaker, a question/answer session is held along with time for “networking” (beers).
Thousands of failures are documented to help decision-makers in business, academia, public policy, arts and culturemake informed decisions for inclusive economic advancement. Share your experience and make an impact!

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