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What is Fuckup Nights?

Fuckup Nights is a global movement and event series that shares stories of professional failure. Each month, in events across the globe, we get three to four people to get up in front of a room full of strangers to share their own professional fuckup. The stories of the business that crashes and burns, the partnership deal that goes sour, the product that has to be recalled, we tell them all.

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October 2019


Ashley Chew

Ashley Chew

Head of Marketing, GoCar Malaysia

I was 24 years old when I started out doing recruitment in Michael Page a London based recruitment agency and was promoted to Associate Consultant in 4 months. Back then, I was still in the midst of exploring my interest and while visiting a career fair, there was an “A-HA” moment for me when most of the recruiters started to approach me instead of the other way round. I then thought to myself, “If I could market myself well, why don’t I do it for a company?” And this is the beginning of my journey in Marketing. I was a Digital Marketing Specialist in Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC)and after a year, I was invited to join GoCar as the Head of Marketing where now I lead a team of 7. My listening skills and ability to connect with people that I’d developed definitely add values in my marketing roles. Moreover, being a young leader in an extremely fast-growing organization, I need to push myself out of my comfort zone on a daily basis. I always believe – growth and comfort don’t coexist. Furthermore, I focus a lot on the team’s personal growth and culture as I believe when every individual in the team grows, the team as a whole, grows together.

Mohamed Tarek El-Fatatry

Mohamed Tarek El-Fatatry

Founder & Managing Hero, ERTH: E-waste Recycling

Award-Winning, Finnish-Egyptian Entrepreneur; Founder & CEO of ERTH. Mo started his entrepreneurial career as the Founder & CEO of Muxlim, which became the world’s largest Muslim lifestyle network reaching millions of users in 190 countries. During his work at Muxlim, he was the first immigrant to receive the “President of Finland’s Internationalization Award”​ by President Halonen and was among 200 business leaders recognized by President Obama at the “Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship”. A frequent public speaker, he was previously the grand winner of TEDxAmsterdam’s special event “New Power” and wrote a regular column in Finland’s largest Technology & Business newspaper “Tekniikka & Talous”.

Jan Wong

Jan Wong

Founder, Online Strategist of OpenMinds

Jan Wong is an entrepreneur, youth advocate, and founder of OpenMinds; a 7 years bootstrapped, data-driven martech company based in KL, Singapore and Hong Kong. Starting at the age of 17, he has ventured into eight businesses, a part time lecturer at the Asia Pacific University (APIIT / APU), a certified e-commerce consultant, published an academic journal during his Masters degree, sits on the Academic Advisory Board of KDU and Sunway College, a regional keynote speaker in events and conferences, a mentor for multiple startup communities and NEXT50 Singapore, regular contributor on BFM radio, a TEDx speaker, and more recently, listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2017 list.

Leading towards 5th year at OpenMinds, Jan became inflated with the capabilities and successes they have achieved over the years – and that led to their downfall. Openminds lost focus and rode on hype that eventually broke them. There were 3 areas that shook the foundation – ego, over reliance, and over expansion. Through that, Openminds have learnt that the key is to stay focused even at a personal level, to not lose sight on what is most important.

Oscar Low

Oscar Low

Business Development Director and Co-Founder Of Talent Houz

Being a Business Development Director & Co-Founder of Talent Houz. Oscar has been handling his family business for 8 years. He was a very talented art student where he believes animated characters could bring joy and happiness to life, and it’s passion and creativity which driven him to pursue his studies in Animation.
He was working in a Japanese studio as an Animation Artist. However looking at the imbalance work-life of his senior, Oscar had a big question mark whether his life is going to be like that too? Thus, he left the job upon completion of 6 months, Oscar walked up to his dad to request for an opportunity to assist on the family business. After few days, his dad Mr Low sat down with him and decided to give him a chance to venture into the family business.

Oscar had to struggle through out the entire year as there wasn’t any profit or new business brought to the table, he was clueless as he has no sales background nor proper exposure towards the industry. Furthermore to that being the eldest child at home, he had no choice but to make lots of sacrifice and to have the courage to move on towards achieving his goals for his family business. Reputation was a matter? Family business was another matter? With all this he just surrendered and decided to work harder to improve a lot of things further.

Oscar’s family business is Manpower Agency & Welfare Management. The business idea was good as they were supplying manpower to many industries out there, however the business growth was stagnant where he decided to venture into manufacturing charcoal & agriculture products.

This is where another hurdle came in place, where Oscar started investing in this two business and expanding a team for this. This came to failure where they didn’t had well understanding of the industry where business were in lost. He was very much disappointed however his attitude of not giving up came in place to encourage himself to move on. “What have I done? Why this happened?” were the questioned ran through his mind. At this point, he realized that he should have invested his time and effort in his family business!
Wish to know more about Oscar and how he has actually build a beautiful team in his very own Executive Search firm known as Talent Houz. Come over and have a beautiful sharing moment with him directly. Find out what has made him to be a great leader today in Talent Houz and how he is expanding more in the Manpower & Recruitment industry?
“Failure wasn’t a fear to me, it’s always a lesson to me for my success”





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