FuckUp Nights London JANUARY

FuckUp Night London

FuckUp Nights: Conversations about failures and other things

LESSONS FROM ENTREPRENEURS WHO’VE FAILED AND SURVIVED FuckUp Nights is a global movement where stories of failed business and projects are told, questioned and celebrated! In each FuckUp Night, three or four¬†fuckupreneurs¬†share their stories of failure discussing what they were working on, what went wrong and what they learnt. There’s a chance after each story to ask plenty of questions and even the opportunity to get up at the end and share your own story during the open mic session. All of this accompanied by beer and good friends. Don’t forget to book your tickets here. (Hubbers go free with the code: FUNHUB)¬†


FuckUp Nights London May 2019

We normally sell out, so don’t wait!








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