FuckUp Nights London JANUARY

FuckUp Night London

London – FuckUp Night X
FuckUp Nights is a global movement where stories of failed businesses and projects are told, questioned and celebrated!

The evening’s format

In each FuckUp Night 3 or 4 fuckupreneurs share their stories of failure including:
• What was their project?
• What did they do wrong?
• What did they learn?
• What would they do differently?
At the end of each story the audience asks questions. All accompanied by beer and good friends.
Final word
The next FuckUp Night is Tuesday 17th January at Impact Hub King’s Cross. Hope to see you there, 6.30-8.30pm.  Also if you’d like to speak at a future event or know someone who might please contact us at

FuckUp Nights London January 2017

We normally sell out, so don’t wait!








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