Fuckups happen to the best of us.
Have you written to us through our website lately? Did we ghost you like a Tinder match? Chances are, you were a victim of our latest fuckup.
On our website, we use a third party service to ensure all the lovely messages you submit to us make the trip to our inboxes. Unfortunately, one of us accidentally unsubscribed hola@fuckupnights.com from this third party service, so we stopped receiving emails from the site. We found out 2 months later, meaning hundreds of emails from our community never made it to our inbox.
In plain English: we fucking blew it.
So if you’ve reached out, and haven’t heard back from us, please reach out again – we’ve been legitimately bummed that we’ve missed a ton of messages.
Your fuckuppers in arms,
Fuckup Nights HQ.

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