Fuckup Nights Private Events


A Fuckup Night event exclusively dedicated to your sector, company or conference.




In each session, we include a talk on failure and innovation by a FUN team member, a moderator, and 3 or 4 speakers of your choice. Depending on your needs, we can coach and curate the stories of members from your organization, or look for suitable external speakers.


There are many reasons why you could organize an event or a series of FUNs:

  • It promotes an acceptance of failure and celebrates trying
  • It generates a culture of inclusion and transparency
  • Eliminates the feeling of hierarchy
  • Facilitates bottom-up innovation
  • Energizes the culture of the company
  • It helps you prevent losses by finding early stage mistakes

In a private event we:

  • Identify and invite speakers from your organization or from our roster.
  • A fun innovation talk to put attendees on a growth mindset, to celebrate trying, not stigmatize failure.
  • Coach speakers on how to tell their story, and provide our movement’s manual.
  • Help curate speaker stories and presentations.
  • Introduce speakers and guide Q&A session.
  • Create branded design for the event.
  • Communicate in our digital channels (when required).
  • Provide guidelines and ideas for a great event from our movement’s best practices.
  • Include anything needed to make it a FUN success: documentation, measure impact on attendees, live streaming, and more.

Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you. It takes between two weeks and two months to organize a private event. During this process you will have a FUN team member always available for you. We like to have great communication to make sure your event is a big success.

We have worked with


Some of our publications include: New Yorker, Fast Company, Inc., Esquire, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Virgin, Standford Social Innovation Review, Huffington Post (USA), The Guardian (UK), el Pais, El Diario (Spain), La Tribuna, L’Hebdo, Courrier International (France), Spiegel, die Welt, Taz, Mediennetzwerk, Berliner (Germany), La Nación, Clarín (Argentina), Forbes, Expansión, Reforma, El Universal, El Financiero, Excélsior, El Economista, Milenio, Time Out, Chilango, Foro TV, Televisa, TV Azteca and many more.

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