I lost a business worth 25 million – Lars Olofsson

I lost a business worth 25 million

If you are mixing politics and business, you should always have a plan B! In the beginning of 2008, Lars Olofsson was invited by the swedish foreign office to take part in a trade delegation to Belarus, the last dictatorship in Europe. His mission: to find out if he could use his knowledge and methods to help the government and state owned companies. After signing a $25 million business agreement, everything crashed.

About the Speaker

Lars Olofsson
Lars Olofsson

Management Consultant

Lars Olofsson has been a CEO and management consultant for almost 40 years of his career. Developing new business concepts, and scaling up internationally businesses is his speciality, startups and entrepreneurship his passion. Currently a Member Board of Directors at Småföretagarnas Riksförbund.


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