This are my academic failures – Suyog Narvekar

These are my academic failures

Hell broke loose! My parents was summoned to the principal’s officer office and they were told “your son is intelligent”.

Suyog Narvekar is the Speaker 3​ of Fuckup Nights Mumbai Vol 2. He is a Chartered Accountant and a Lawyer that shares his thoughts and criticism of the educational system and the importance of considering mental health. His talk is about personal expectations and the strains of comparing yourself with other people.

About the Speaker

Suyog Narveka
Suyog Narveka


Suyog Narvekar is a chartered accountant by profession and a writer, blogger and orator by passion. He is also a paper presenter, restaurant reviewer and an anchor.


Fuckup Nights is a global movement that helps people break free from the paradigms that limit their lives. Every month we organize events around the world where speakers share the stories behind their professional fuckups, using failure to encourage difficult, vulnerable, and meaningful conversations.

The stories of failed business, commercial relationships that ended sour, the products that had to be removed from the market. We tell everything without filters.


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