Social Media & Design Manager


Position Overview:

This full-time position based in Mexico City will be in charge of expanding FuckUp Nights’ reach via smart and powerful content creation, design and distribution. By paying detailed attention to metrics, the Coordinator will grow communication channels exponentially to support global expansion and the fulfillment of our vision.



    • Create, design and share content daily on our Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube.
    • Generate engagement with Fuckup Nights local accounts, as well as with the general community.
    • Measure and report Social Media indicators.
    • Design The Failure Institute’s reports and publications.
    • Oversee design of social media accounts.
    • Stay up-to-date with current technologies and trends in social media, design tools and applications.


    • Work experience as Content Creator and Social Media Community Manager
    • Creative and innovative
    • Excellent design skills
    • Excellent written and spoken English
    • Ability to plan and prioritize workload with minimum supervision


  • Feels comfortable working with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Basic video editing skills
  • Experience facilitating community-generated content
  • Likes beer and mezcal
  • Is irreverent
  • Wants to have massive impact


If you’re interested please send to

  • your resume
  • portfolio with examples of created content
  • and cover letter detailing your interests, fuck ups, and why you’re ideal for the role


Sales Lead


Position Overview:

This individual will be responsible for negotiation and closing of leads interested in the FUN experience. This full time position will report directly to the CEO of Fuckup, Inc.

As a successful Sales Lead your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Negotiate and close Enterprise deals.
  • Prospect, qualify, and nurture leads through the sales cycle resulting in Enterprise partners.
  • Assure a FUN experience for the lead from first contact to hand over to Operations.
  • Carry out processes implemented by the Directors.


Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Own the inbound sales process: lead qualification, sales calls, negotiation, follow-up, and closing.
  • Own the sales process for opportunities generated by outbound.
  • Manage the sales pipeline in an organized and structured way.
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with leads and partners.
  • Analyze data to help improve sales processes and strategy.
  • Create and implement solutions to grow our impact on partners and Fuckuppers.
  • Coordinate with other teams to increase lead generation efforts.
  • Create automated processes and platforms to generate efficiencies.
  • Attend sales and team meetings and provide solutions and insights.
  • Execute strategy and processes coordinated by the Managing Director and CEO.
  • Provide regular updates to your team about sales funnel, objectives and processes.



  • Demonstrated experience with scalable sales in entrepreneurial environments
  • Full proficiency in English and Spanish
  • Comfortable using marketing automation platforms and CRM
  • Excellent communication, writing and presentation skills
  • Never stops learning. We don’t care about degrees
  • Follows and creates methodologies and can be hyper-focused
  • Exceptional organization skills with strong attention to experience, detail and quality
  • Familiarity with Google Apps suite



  • Experience improving scalable sales processes or creating one from scratch
    • B2B sales experience
    • Business development experience
  • Likes beer and mezcal
  • Is irreverent
  • Wants to have massive impact


If you’re interested please send your resume including your failures, and cover letter to


Enterprise Operations Coordinator

Position Overview:

The Enterprise Operations Coordinator is the person responsible for the planning, coordination and implementation of private events with our partners around the world. This full-time position based in Mexico City will report directly to the Managing Director of Fuckup Nights.


As the Enterprise Operations Coordinator your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Leading the relationship with our partners for the implementation of private Fuckup Nights events
  • Supporting our partners in a timely manner with materials, communications, best practices, and any need to assure a great experience
  • Coordinating with Fuckuppers and coaching them for local implementation
  • Coaching speakers and curating their stories based on our global best practices
  • Coordinating with our sales leads to assure fully understanding of the partners’ needs
  • Assuring the highest quality in terms of event vibe, storytelling and streamlined coordination
  • Designing, piloting and measuring quality assurance processes
  • Tracking implementation and progress of events in the pipeline
  • Carrying out processes designed and implemented by the Managing Director



  • Speaks native or fully fluent English. Fluency in other languages is a plus, especially Spanish
  • High organizational skills with focus on quality, experience and prioritizing
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Can work comfortably with Google Suite
  • Must be high energy, have positive attitude, and enjoy working with people



  • Experience with CRMs
  • Negotiation skills
  • Likes beer and mezcal
  • Is irreverent
  • Wants to have massive impact

If you’re interested please send your resume and cover letter to


Software Developer

Position Overview: This full-time position based in the hipsterhood of Roma Norte in Mexico City will report directly to the CEO of Fuckup, Inc. As a successful Software Developer your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Build a platform from scratch to support both Fuckup Nights operations, and our data platform, the Global Failure Index
  • Implement improvements to the existing WordPress and GIS platforms
  • Inform, improve and help prioritize the product pipeline
  • Help build the dev team


    • Fluent in English
    • Full Stack Developer with 3+ years of relevant experience
    • Experience in one or more of the following: Python, Ruby, Golang, PHP, etc.
    • HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript Expert
    • Interest and ease at learning new programming languages
    • Basic level of Angular, React
    • Experience with library of Data Representation (D3, AmCharts, etc.)
    • Basic level of Responsive Design
    • Experience with a web framework and/or REST like Django, Laravel, RubyOnRails, Revel, NodeJS, etc.
    • Experience exposing REST services
    • Experience integrating APIs (PayPao, Sendgrid, MailChimp, etc.)
    • Appreciation of functional UX/UI implementation


  • Collaboration with Open Source projects
  • Likes beer and mezcal
  • Is irreverent
  • Wants to have massive impact

If you’re interested please send your GitHub profile and resume to 


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