What are FUNs?

«FUN» is the abbreviation for «Fuckup Night». Born in Mexiko City in 2012 this event format guarantees a fun evening. Today FUNs take place in more than 200 cities in about 70 countries around the world where stories about error, mistakes and setbacks are de-tabooed together with the audience.

The FUNs in Basel: Why?

The Basel region is Switzerland’s most dynamic and innovative economic area. It is #1 life sciences cluster and many tech companies draw talent from all over the world. In this headquarter of several global organizations, innovation and transformation are literally in the air. Furthermore it is also known for the incomparable art and architecture scene and its lively approach to life.

And in our time of constant change error, mistakes and setbacks have to be accepted as part of every development process. Learning to develop this ability into a skill is a key factor in surviving this digital revolution.

We decided to give this approach the appropriate phramework where it suddenly becomes easy to speak about wrong decisions and failed projects, even to transform them into a learning.

Trilingual – English, German and French

Basel is a special place – located in the heart of Europe, right next to Germany and France which makes this trinational region a great place to live and work. Because of three languages spoken, we decided to take this into account at FUN.Basel events.

The Organizers

Jutta and Isabelle met at the Professional Womens‘ Group of Basel, a network of professional women from all over the world living and working in Basel. Sharing their experiences and thoughts they found that both have always been convinced that an error management culture boosts companies’ performance and goals achievement. This led them into a very fruitful partnership and the FuckUp Nights in Basel were born.


We cordially invite you for a special evening – a fun evening that is serious at the same time, full of positive energy and inspiring.

Looking forward to meeting you at FUN.Basel

Jutta & Isabelle

Français / English / Deutsch

Creating a cultural shift about how we all think about “failure” because the ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment is essential.

Because errors are on your way to success

“The event was very exciting because of the diverse group of people it attracted. People who are open to learn and curious for the new. They are also not shy to talk about what did not work, which makes this a unique crowd in a world of bragging successes.”

Daniel Jordi

Speaker FUN.Basel Vol III

Jutta Jerlich

Jutta Jerlich

Fly your ideas

Initiator, Change Maker and Digital Business Development Professional

Isabelle Valibus

Isabelle Valibus

Land the plane

Initiator, Management Trainer, HR Professional & Change Consultant

Our Support Team

FUN.Basel Team Prathima Kondadi FUN.Basel Team Liz McCreary

       Flight Planning                    Flight Crew

Connect with FUN Basel

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Photo Credits: Laure Finet

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