What’s Failure Anyways?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, failure is “a situation in which someone or something does not...

Hello From Bankruptcy

  A close friend of the Fuckup Nights team had a failed business, that experience, rather...

The fuckup posters

Curious about what the first Fuckup Nights flyers and banners looked like? Check ’em out right here!

Some Of Our Best Quotes

Over the course of these past few years talking about failure, we’ve come across a lot...

Fuckup Book

Fuckup Book The Fuckup Book is inspired by the Fuckup Manifesto we created to help people break...

Fuckup Nights Manifesto

Fuckup Nights Manifesto In ode to a growing movement that has reached from bustling cities, to...

Our Values

Our Values It all started with a group of five friends drinking mezcal. A considerable amount of...

A spooky tale of failure

A spooky tale of failure Halloween is the spookiest time of the year, so we thought what better to...

Is Pokémon Go A Fad Product?

We’ll cover certain reasons why this new form of PokĂ©mon engagement can be considered a fad or not. Let us know what you think!

Why Was The Hoverboard A Fad Product?

What is it about these fad products that brings about their immediate rise to the top, followed by sudden disappearance in the marketplace? How could something get so popular and in such a short period of time become almost non-existent?

Not prepared for launch

If you’re putting a product out in the marketplace for sale for the entire world to see and yet you don’t have the proper ability to acquire more inventory, you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

Fuckup CV

Fuckup Nights Co-founder and Director Leti Gasca and Global Coordinator Yannick Kwik are already including their failures on their LinkedIn Profiles. We’d love you to come along with us.

The challenges of our name

We’re not kidding when we say it’s hard to deal with this, but at end of the day everybody swears when things go upside down and you can’t hold it against them.

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